ACIF Forecasts are a primary source of market information for the building and construction industry in Australia. Led by ACIF’s Construction Forecasting Council (CFC), ACIF Forecasts provide decision makers with a reliable and highly accurate compass for business planning.

Twice-yearly, ACIF updates the ACIF Forecasts to provide the industry with a relevant and credible ‘compass’ for the next ten years on upcoming demand for work across all sectors, including major projects, as well as what is happening with construction costs and labour requirements.

How to use the ACIF Forecasts

Customised Forecasts Dashboard Australian Construction Market Report

Customised Forecasts Dashboard makes it easy for businesses large and small to get accurate local or national data - and plan effectively. Subscription options are available here.

  • Four Forecasting tools in an easy to use online Dashboard.
  • Query the ACIF Forecasts database on Work Forecasts; Labour Requirements; Projects in your area; and find out the Big Picture for construction costs.
  • Data is available for upcoming work for residential building, non residential building and engineering construction. Select from 20 work types, and locations by states and/or capital cities.
  • Forecasts can be generated as short term of eight quarters or a long term of ten years. The information is delivered as both data ready for further processing and as charts ready for inclusion in reports.

Australian Construction Market Report uses expert analysis and commentary from the latest ACIF Forecasts. Click here to find out more

Report includes:

  • Data, analysis and expert commentary on the macro economic drivers of change.
  • Outlook for the construction industry at large, national sector analysis for Residential Building, Non-Residential Building and Engineering Construction.
  • Detailed analysis and commentary for 20 work types.
  • Key Differences since last Forecasts.
  • Detailed analysis for Australia PLUS ALL 8 States and Territories.
  • Data tables on Construction Aggregates and Construction Work.
  • Top 20 Major Project lists from Cordell Information.
  • Construction Costs data and trends from Rider Levett Bucknall.

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Demand Driven Forecasts

Free Summary of Forecasts

ACIF’s Demand Driven Forecasts (DDF) projects the state of construction activity for seven different infrastructure types across 21 Australian regions using demographic modelling and the latest Cordell Information project dataset.


Summaries of the forecasts are provided for free to Website Subscribers. Click here to subscribe for free now to access:

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Latest Summary

Big picture view of the ACIF Forecasts including commentary and charts by sector.

Customised Forecasts Dashboard

ACIF's Customised Forecasts Dashboard provides subscribers with detailed forecast and actual data on upcoming work, major projects, labour requirements and construction costs.

Australian Construction Market Report

ACIF's Australian Construction Market Report gives businesses interested in the prospects of the building and construction industry a highly accurate, highly credible analysis by state and for the nation overall on the indicators of demand. Rolling ten year forecasts across residential and non residential building, and engineering construction work.

Demand Driven Forecasts

ACIF Forecasts deliver forecasts of demand for 21 locales across Australia, revealing the need for social infrastructure for the people living, working, learning and earning in each region.

About ACIF Forecasts

Scope, methodology and who generates the ACIF Forecasts.

Construction Forecasting Council

ACIF's Construction Forecasting Council is a panel of economists and industry leaders whose role is to review and provide input to the data that forms the ACIF Forecasts. Both the wealth of professional experience of the members of the Construction Forecasting Council and the unique insight from their respective organisations that ensures that ACIF Forecasts are the most credible forecasts of demand for the construction industry in Australia.


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