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ACIF Member Brochure 2016 - CoverACIF Overview

ACIF provides a unique central forum for leaders of the construction industry to meet to discuss any industry issue, and a central liaison point for government and other organisations to meet with the Australian building and construction industry.
Together, ACIF identifies industry issues and negotiates policy and advocacy to encourage industry improvement and increased productivity.
We work closely with government and its agencies to provide the industry with high level strategic focus.
We provide businesses with information and resources to plan and improve their futures, strengthening our industry.

ACIF Meetings

ACIF Members meet quarterly, with CEOs and Presidents of ACIF Member organisations attending a face-to-face meeting. Meeting locations are rotated between capital cities, and are generally a half-day in duration.
ACIF meetings have a full agenda, communicated in advance to ensure an efficient meeting and a robust, informed discussion.
At these meetings, Members also exchange key issues and opportunities within their trade or profession, and network and find ways to work collegiately to achieve their individual objectives.

ACIF’s Policy and Advocacy

The Australian construction industry employs over 1.1 million Australians, and in 2015-16 had a turnover of $212 billion.
Therefore, the construction industry is one of the main drivers of the Australian economy and its productivity and success is critical to the growth and success of the Australian economy.
ACIF identifies the most important issues on which to create policies, and then advocates on those issues. This assists ACIF’s Members and leads to increased productivity and efficiencies in the industry.

ACIF Members

ACIF Members are among the most significant associations and institutes in the industry, spanning the entire asset creation process from feasibility through design, cost planning, construction and building and management.All Members elect a Board which provides governance oversight of the Secretariat. >> Current Members are listed here

Eligibility for Membership
  • Recognised association or institution.
  • National structure and focus.
  • Principal membership is comprised of individual persons and/or private sector business from the:
    • residential sector
    • non-residential sector
    • civil, structural, process and services
    • engineering sectors
    • investment property sector
Expectations of ACIF Members
  • ACIF Members benefit most when they fully participate at the quarterly face to face meetings, and working groups meeting virtually.
  • Senior Executive and Honorary as delegates to ACIF.
  • Regular attendance at quarterly ACIF meetings.
  • Actively engage with ACIF discussion.
  • Actively participate in Working Groups between meetings.
Benefits of Membership
  • Meet industry leaders from all trades and professions at one place.
  • Input to policy and action that improve our industry.
  • Engage with government and other bodies from a whole-of-industry position, where crucial issues can be discussed with the backing of the industry at large.
  • Exclusive member benefits for your organisation’s members, including access to the ACIF Forecasts and the Customised Forecasts Dashboard.
  • Quarterly meetings of all ACIF Members, with opportunities to learn, exchange and develop networks.
  • Presentations and discussion with invited representatives of government, industry and client groups, both from Australia and international.
  • Online marketing, content marketing and brand awareness benefits via ACIF marketing and communications.
Membership Fees

Membership Fees are based upon size and reach of your organisation. Fees are per calendar year.
Reach is defined as how many people a membership with your organisation directly affects.
For organisations with individual memberships, this would be equal to the number of memberships current with your organisation.
For organisations with company memberships, this would be the number of staff in total working for your member businesses.
For 2016 Fees are:

Membership Reach $ ex GST
Up to 3,000 4,350
3,001-15,000 5,655
15,001- 30,000 6,960
30,000+ 8,700

ACIF Board

ACIF Members elect a Board from the representatives, to consist of a Chair, Deputy Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. The Chair of ACIF must be a practitioner, and this person chairs the meetings and can speak for ACIF on industry issues.

Working Groups

Specialist working groups are established from time to time, to focus skills and resources to complete a specific piece of policy, research or other strategic project. Working groups generally work remotely, convened by the chair of the working group via online meetings. Currently ACIF has Procurement and Building Product Working Groups.

Thanks to our Partners, including Principal Partner Cbus SuperACIF Forecasts

Since 2002, ACIF has published forecasts for the building and construction industry, to provide visibility over the market conditions and support effective planning by businesses large and small.
The ACIF Forecasts are the industry’s most comprehensive forecasts, covering residential and non-residential building plus engineering construction. Twenty sub-categories of work are forecasted over 10 years for work demand, construction costs and major projects, as well as labour requirements. The ACIF Forecasts are produced in two formats, the Australian Construction Market Report and the Customised Forecasts Dashboard, which is an online database where subscribers can generate tailored forecasts to suit their work type, location and time period. ACIF Forecasts are available by subscription, and ACIF Member organisations are eligible to become a Licensee of the ACIF Forecasts to on-sell or gift the forecasts to their own members.
More information about the ACIF Forecasts is available at

Strategic Forum

ACIF has partnered with its government counterpart, the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) to focus government and industry on increasing productivity and developing the processes and culture of the industry to maximise the benefits for all Australians.
Since 2014, this partnership has been known as Strategic Forum for the Australasian Building and Construction Industry, and has produced a series of guides and resources around project team integration and building information modelling.
More information about these resources is available at


As an industry not-for-profit, ACIF relies on industry financial and other support.
ACIF has several long term partners and some newer partners, and continues to build strong, mutually beneficial relationships across the industry to amplify and deliver its work.
Cbus Super has been a long term supporter of ACIF, and is our Principal Partner. Another long term partner is Cordell, which provides data and information important to the delivery of the ACIF Forecasts. DesignBuild Expo, and Viewpoint Construction Software also support ACIF’s work as Partners. ACIF’s Partners are vital to our work, and we thank them for their ongoing support. >> Current partners are listed here