Strategic Forum for the Building and Construction Industry

Click to view the Vision Statement for Strategc ForumThe Strategic Forum for the Australasian Building and Construction Industry is a unique body that brings together key stakeholders in the Australasian building and construction industry.

The Forum acts as an entry point and significant interface between government and the building and construction sector.

The Strategic Forum facilitates positive change and encourages greater productivity to:

  • Provide solid guidance for the industry.
  • Utilise strategic networks and information exchange.
  • Identify and explore new and emerging issues and collectively enable positive change .
  • Work together to develop solutions to issues and share learnings.
  • Create/expand working relationships that deliver positive outcomes.
  • Proactively monitor and respond to industry conditions.
  • Above all, it acts as a national forum to network and discuss issues that affect the industry

This Forum is an entry point to facilitate joint pathways for improving building and construction industry productivity in Australasia. Through our collaboration, we engender and encourage trust between the government and industry sectors.

>> Vision Statement for Strategic Forum for Australasian Building and Construction Industry