A Framework for the Adoption of Project Team Integration and Building

Framework for the Adoption of Project Team IntegrationA Framework for the Adoption of Project Team Integration and Building Information Modelling identifies the key elements, underpinned by objectives and actions, that require a ‘whole of industry’ approach to encourage and support increased adoption of Project Team Integration (PTI) and BIM.

This publication is another in a series of resources published by the Strategic Forum, an initiative of the Australian Construction Industry Forum and the Australasian Procurement and Construction Council, who have joined forces to produce resources for increased productivity, safety and sustainability for use by government and the construction industry.

The Framework and other resources we have produced are intended to improve both the process and the result when building assets for the ultimate end user – the Australian people.

This document outlines proposed activities required to successfully implement BIM across government agencies and private sector clients, as well as construction industry service providers, including the facilitation of more integrated project teams from the outset. Its adoption embraces the new wave of technology available and being used on a number of large government builds, such as hospitals, and private sector projects.

Embracing PTI and BIM on a project is the way the industry is heading. BIM encourages innovative practices together with productivity, time and quality gains applicable at every stage of the project delivery process without inhibiting competition or transparency. A ‘whole of industry’ approach will inspire more advanced and innovative use of BIM. The result being smoother construction processes with less wasted effort, and construction products, increasing end-user satisfaction and longer asset-life for use by the community.

Electronic copies of the Framework are available on ACIF's website here and APCC www.apcc.gov.au.