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As an ACIF Forecasts Subscriber, for 12 months you will enjoy:

  • 24/7 access to Customised Forecasts Dashboard - ACIF's database of actual and forecast data across 20 years, for work demand, labour, construction costs. Includes Major Projects list from Cordell Information. >> More info and video on Customised Forecasts Dashboard - Valued at $400
  • 2 x Australian Construction Market Report per year, with link to your PDF copy will be emailed to you when the Report is released in May and November each year. >> More info and sample pages from Australian Construction Market Report - Valued at $500
  • 2 x exclusive Forecasts online information sessions, where ACIF forecasters present the key changes and major points from the new release. This online session will be held around the release of the ACIF Forecasts, and you will receive an email inviting you to register to attend this session at least 2 weeks prior.
  • $50 Off upcoming ACIF Briefings

About ACIF Forecasts

ACIF Forecasts are powered by the industry’s own Construction Forecasting Council, with a dozen years of reliable forecasting for your benefit, not its own profit. 

Since 2002, ACIF has provided the industry with a compass to its future, as the ACIF Forecasts details the upcoming demand for work across all sectors, as well as what is happening with construction costs and labour requirements.

Customised Forecasts Dashboard

The Customised Forecasts Dashboard makes it easy for businesses large and small to use our Forecasts database to get accurate local or national data - and plan effectively.

  • Four Forecasting tools in an easy to use online Dashboard.
  • Query the ACIF Forecasts database on Work Forecasts; Labour Requirements; Projects in your area; and find out the Big Picture for construction costs.
  • Data is available for upcoming work for residential building, non residential building and engineering construction for the next ten years.
  • Select from 20 work types, and locations by states and/or capital cities.
  • Forecasts can be generated as short term of eight quarters or a long term of ten years. The information is delivered as both data ready for further processing and as charts ready for inclusion in reports.
  • Data comes from high quality sources including ABS, Cordell Information and expert economic reports, before analysis by ACIL Allen Consulting.
  • The Forecasts are scrutinised by ACIF’s Construction Forecasting Council, a panel of economists and industry experts from finance, housing, commercial property and more.
View this brief video presentation to find out more

Australian Construction Market Report

Included in the Australian Construction Market Report are:

  • Macro economic data and information on the key drivers of change.
  • Construction industry at large - national forecasts across all sectors, including forecasts on real activity, employment.
  • National sector analysis, with charts and commentary of the breakdown of work types per sector and their forecast growth and contraction.
  • Detailed analysis of ALL Australian States and Territories and its capital city.
  • Data tables on Construction Aggregates and Construction Work Done.
  • Charts and commentary on the key changes noted for the next five years when compared with the previous five years.
  • Highlight on the areas of greatest change or prospects.
  • Top 20 Major Projects provided by Cordell Information
  • Construction Costs data and trends from Rider Levett Bucknall.

>> Click here to view sample pages for Contents, National Page and State Page

Period: 2 March 2017 to 2 March 2018

Cost: $800.00 (GST inclusive)